Mathews V3X 29 vs 33: Which to Pick?

Back with yet another comparison guide! And this time, it’s the Mathews V3X 29 vs 33. 

Phew, that’s a lot of Mathews bows to cover!

Anyways, this one’s for the seasoned bowhunters. Here’s the Mathews V3X 29 vs 33 comparison for you:

The Mathews V3X 29 is an overall smaller bow with shorter ATA and brace height compared to the CV3X 33, which makes it more maneuverable in tight spaces. However, the longer ATA gives the Mathews V3X 33 a smoother draw cycle, allowing a more comfortable shooting experience and a much better string angle. 

In this comparison guide, we’ll delve into the differences between these two impressive bows from this series, the Mathews V3X 29 and the Mathews V3X 33, helping you decide which one might be the right fit for your hunting needs.

Mathews V3X 29 vs 33: Key Differences

The V3X improved upon the V3 Series which was Mathew’s 2020 flagship. Available in 29″ and 33″ ATA height, the two bows of the series gained some massive praise in the archery community.

We’ll begin by comparing the two bows next to each other. Here’s a quick overview of the differences in Mathews V3X 29 and Mathews V3X 33.

AspectsMathews V3X 29Mathews V3X 33
Axle to Axle29 inches33 inches
Brace Height6 inches6.5 inches
IBO SpeedAround 280 fps (@ 28.5” draw length with 465-grain arrows)Around 275 fps (@ 28.5” draw length with 465-grain arrows)
Draw CycleLess smooth compared to V3X 33Smoother draw cycle
Draw Lengths25.5-27”27-31.5”
Physical Weight4.47 lbs4.67 lbs
String AngleUncomfortably SteeperForgiving and comfortable
Price $1,199$1,299

Doesn’t seem much of a difference, to be honest!’

However, those tiniest differences can massively impact how you experience the two bows. And we’ll find out exactly how!

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Alright, let’s not keep you waiting any longer. 

Mathews V3X 29 vs 33: Detailed Differences

We’re going to compare the Mathews V3X 29 to 33 based on these 5 aspects:

  • Draw Cycle & Comfort
  • String Angle
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Price

That should be enough to give you guys a conclusive idea of which bow to pick for the upcoming hunting season!

Comparing factors for Mathews v3x 29 vs 33

Draw Cycle & Comfort

As expected from a longer ATA bow, the V3X 33 with its longer brace height offers a smoother draw cycle compared to the V3X 29. 

Anyone with a draw length of around 27-31.5 inches can comfortably shoot with a V3X 33, thanks to an Axle to Axle height of 33” and a 6.5” brace height.

The V3X 29, while still providing a comfortable draw, won’t feel as smooth as the V3X due to it’s design.

String Angle

You’re bound to experience an uncomfortably steep string angle from the V3X 29 if your draw length is anywhere above 27 inches. 

But that’s not the case with the V3X 33 as the string angle feels really nice and can feel forgiving to those with a longer draw length.  


Testing with a 28.5” draw length and 465-grain arrows, the V3x29 clocked an IBO speed of around 280 fps. On similar settings, the V3X 33 shot slightly slower at around mid-270 fps.

Nothing too noticeable. But that depends on what you’re expecting from your bow. 

The axle-to-axle length, along with the brace height influences the IBO speed of the bows. The V3X 33, being longer, delivers arrows at a slightly slower speed next to the V3X 29. 

While there is a slight difference, both bows offer forgiving brace heights. The V3X 29 boasts a six-inch brace height, while the V3X 33 has a slightly longer six-and-a-half-inch brace height. 

This means that both bows are forgiving of minor form imperfections, helping you maintain accuracy during your shot.


The most noticeable difference between these bows is their axle-to-axle length. The V3X 29 measures 29 inches from axle to axle, while the V3X 33 is 33 inches long. This disparity affects maneuverability and the feel of the bow.


You can get your hands on the Mathews V3X 29 for a price tag of $1,199. Add another 100 bucks to the mix and you can add the V3X 33 to your cart!

And I personally believe it’s totally worth spending the extra $100 for an overall better bow!


I personally would go for the V3X 33 as I generally like a longer ATA which allows a smoother draw cycle, better let-off, and an overall comfortable string angle. 

If you have a relatively shorter draw length, that’s anywhere from 24-27 inches, then I don’t really see any problem going with the V3X 29. You’ll get a good stable shot with the extra shot speed from the bow. 

But that’s really all that you’d be getting from a shorter ATA bow. 

So, if you’re okay with giving up a little bit of speed for a smoother draw, I’d suggest you get the V3X 33. It’s an overall better bow. I personally prefer it for shooting in open terrains which allows longer shots. 

But you can still side with the V3X 29 for better maneuverability in tighter spaces and close-range shooting. The slightly extra velocity at shooting also helps! 

Parting Words

That’s all I got on Mathews V3X 29 vs 33.

If you liked the comparison, make sure to check our brand comparison where I put Elite bows against Mathews bows under spotlight!

I’m going to end this off with the most generic advice a seasoned archer can give you—test both bows to find the one that aligns best with your preference. 


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