Mathews v3 27 vs 31: Which One Should You Choose?

2021 has seen Mathews come up with their latest flagship, the V3 bow known best for its speed, accuracy, and smooth draw. 

Available in two ATA lengths, the V3 offers both 27-inch and 31-inch options to the buyers.

But, which one should you choose in Mathews v3 27 vs 31?

The Mathews V3 31 has a smoother draw compared to the 27. It also has a more forgiving string angle, making it comfortable to use at full draw. With the V3 31, you get a larger range of shooting and better accuracy for those who possess over 25-inch draw length on average. In comparison, shooting with the V3 27 can be a struggle for those with a draw length of over 27 inches. Overall, the Mathews V3 27 is an ideal bow for hunting from close ranges. On the other hand, the V3 31 is the better option for long-range shooting. 

In this article, we’re going to look into different aspects of the two bows and measure them against each other to find the better bow. 

Mathews v3 27 vs 31: Quick Comparison

To give you a better idea of the two bows, let’s have a quick look at the key differences between the Mathews V3 27 and V3 31:

AspectMathews V3 27Mathews V3 31
Draw Cycle and ComfortSlightly Harsh, more aggressiveSmoother draw, slightly less aggressive
Stability and String AngleGood stabilityBetter stability
String AngleSevere string angleStandard string angle
Tuning Require minor rest adjustments for tuningRequires standard tuning and adjustments
AccuracyAccurate at short-rangeAccurate at long-range
Speed & DistanceSlower and covers less groundFaster and covers more distance
Ideal UserShooters comfortable with shorter ATA and string angleThose seeking added stability and hunting from tree stands
Noise and VibrationQuiet and vibration-freeQuieter
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive

Convinced already? Don’t leave yet!

We have more to discuss. You need to know what you’re getting into before buying a new bow. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

Let’s have a detailed comparison between the Mathews V3 27 and 31. 

an image of the Mathews v3 in action. Comparing the mathews 27 vs 31.

Mathews v3 27 vs 31: Detailed Discussion

The Mathews V3 27 and 31 are made with completely different user preferences in mind. 

Let’s break down the key aspects to help you pick the right V3 bow.


‘The first thing we’re going to take a look at is the specifications of the two bows. 

To help you better understand their differences, we’ve compared Mathews V3 27 to V3 31 next to each other:

SpecsMathews V3 27Mathews V3 31
ATA length27 inches31 inches
IBO speed336 fps342 fps
Draw Weight50-70 lbs50-70 lbs
Draw Length24-27 inches25-30.5 inches
Mass Weight4.1 lbs4.2 lbs
Power Stroke30 inches32 inches
Let off75%80%

From a look at their specs, the V3 31 is easily the better bow than the 27 ATA bow. It certainly allows better power stroke and has a higher let-off. People with an average draw length of 25-30.5 can have a more comfortable experience with the Mathews V3 31.

Draw Cycle and Comfort

Both bows offer pretty much smooth and linear draw cycles, a signature feature of Mathews’ Crosscentric cams. 

However, the V3 27 has a slightly “deader” feel in hand at the shot, while the 31 offers a smoother draw. This makes the V3 31 a more comfortable option than the 27 ATA bow. 

The V3 27 has a letoff of 75%, while the V3 31 has a letoff of 80%. A higher let-off means that the V3 31 users have to hold less weight at full draw, which can make the bow easier to shoot.

By the way, the upgraded 29 and 33 V3X series have a far smoother draw cycle than the V3 series. I’ve covered that elaborately in a different comparison guide. You guys should check that out!

Stability and String Angle

Here’s where you start to see the first real difference between the two bows. 

The V3 27 is praised for its stillness at the shot, but it can exhibit a more severe string angle, potentially leading to minor fletching contact for shooters with longer draw lengths. 

On the other hand, the V3 31 offers more stability at full draw, thanks to its longer axle-to-axle (ATA) length, offering a more forgiving string angle.

If you have a draw length of 27 inches or less, then the V3 27 is the better option for you as you won’t find the string angle that aggressive. 

However, if your draw length is longer than 27 inches, then should go with the V3 31 for a less aggressive string angle and an overall better experience with the peep sight. 

Speed & Distance

The V3 31 has a power stroke of 32 inches, while the V3 27 has a power stroke of 30 inches.

A longer power stroke helps the V3 31 store more energy and produce more speed than the V3 27. 

And that’s clearly visible in the IBO speed test of the Mathews bows. At 29.5” draw length, the V3 31 shot faster arrows, clocking at 342 fps compared to the V3 27’s 336 fps.

If you do a lot of stalking or hunting from tree stands, then the V3 27 is a good choice because it is more maneuverable. If you do a lot of ground blind hunting or hunting from blinds at longer ranges, then the V3 31 is a better option because it has a bit more speed.


Both bows are capable of exceptional accuracy. 

You might require some level of tuning to adjust the issues with Mathews V3 27. It can help with reducing the aggressive string angle and the draw weight of the bow. 

Standard tuning should be enough for the Mathews V3 31 to get you running!

You can make certain modifications to your V3 with the switchweight mod to improve the let off of the bows. 

Noise and Vibration

The V3 27 and 31 are both relatively quiet and vibration-free bows. 

However, the V3 31 may be slightly quieter and have less vibration due to its longer ATA length.

If that’s what matters to you, then you should definitely try out the Mathews V3X next to the V3 to test the improvement in stability and noise reduction!


The V3 27 is slightly less expensive than the V3 31. This is because the V3 27 is a newer model and is not as popular as the V3 31.

A shorted ATA also translates to fewer materials required for the build, which plays a role in the pricing. 

The Verdict

Ultimately, the choice between the Mathews V3 27 and V3 31 boils down to your shooting style, draw length, and intended use. 

If you prioritize high maneuverability and can manage the string angle, the V3 27 is a versatile choice. 

However, if you prefer added stability, longer range, and a smoother draw cycle, especially in hunting scenarios, the V3 31’s longer ATA length might be the better option.

Before making your decision, it’s crucial to test both models at your local archery shop or range. 

Personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the perfect bow. 

Final Words

That’s pretty much all there is in Mathews V3 27 vs 31.

Like the comparison? You should definitely take a peek at our comparison guide between Mathews and Elite bows.

Hope this guide proves useful to you in coming up with a decision. 

Have a great day!

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