Mathews V3 27 Problems: What You Need to Know

The V3 is Mathews’s flagship bow for 2021. It’s a successor to Vertix which came a few years prior to it. 

Now don’t get me wrong. The Mathews V3 27 is an amazing bow for many. And it’s probably their best 27” ATA bow yet with some really cool improvements.

However, there are still some users who’ve different experiences. And we’ll address that here today. 

So, what are the Mathews V3 27 Problems?

Many complained about the smoothness of the draw cycle of the Mathews V3 27 compared to its 31” version. They also raised concerns about the string angle which makes the peep farther from the eye and appear smaller. The 6” brace of the bow might be a tad bit aggressive for some, leaning towards longer ATA. Some also face issues with the CAM system of the V3 27 which causes the bow to be out of tune. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the issues. And more.

What Are The Common Mathews V3 27 Problems

Let’s get one thing clear. The Mathews V3 27 is a brilliant bow and most people won’t have any issue with it. 

But if you’ve used both the 31 and the 27-inch versions, then you might notice a bit of a downhill experience with the later version. 

So one thing that’s been quite noticeable among many users is their preference between the Mathews 31’’ and 27’’ versions. Most preferred the 31’’ over the 27’’ version of the V3, and they have raised a few concerns about the V3 27.

Let’s take a look at those problems.

Heavy draw cycleSwitch to a lightweight custom bowstring. 
Steeper String AngleTry using a larger peep sight
Shorter brace heightIncrease the brace height by twisting the bow
Tuning IssueCheck cam alignment and string twist.
Mathews V3 27 Problems.

Heavier Draw cycle

The most common problem many archers are facing with the V3 27 is the draw cycle. It’s definitely not as smooth as the 31” version.  The shorter ATA of the V3 27 also doesn’t help the cause. 

For a short ATA bow, the V3 27 does have a long riser, making it more stable and forgiving during drawing. But the draw cycle seems to be a bit too heavy for such a shot ATA bow. 

This can make it difficult for some archers to draw the bow back smoothly and consistently. 

Many experienced stacking problems with the  Mathews V3 27. The draw weight increases significantly at the end of the draw cycle, making it difficult to release the bow smoothly and accurately.

In comparison, the V3 31 gives a much better and more forgiving experience with the draw cycle.


Try using a custom lightweight bowstring. 

To make Mathews V3 27 draw weight adjustments, use a 3/16” or a 7/12” Allen wrench to turn the limb bolt. 

Clockwise turning will increase the draw weight. Whereas, counterclockwise will decrease the weight. Make sure to properly sync both limb bolts with equal adjustments and keep the limb bolts snug. 

Mathews V3 allows draw length adjustments with 5% increments. Here’s the mod chart for Mathews V3 27:

Mod LetterDraw Length

You can also switch and try Elite bows. Elite bows compared to Mathews have better draw cycle and adjustability.

Steeper String angle

The Mathews V3 27 is a short axle-to-axle bow, which means that the string angle is steeper than on a longer bow. This can cause a few problems for some archers.

For starters, anyone with an average draw length between 28-30 inches will find the string angle a bit extreme. The bow’s cables seem to come into the line of sight. 

A steeper string angle of the V3 27 will make your peep farther from your eye. It’ll also make the peep appear smaller, at full draw, making it difficult to find the same anchor point shot after shot.

It can also make it more difficult to hold the bow steady at full draw. There’s also the risk of string slap from such a string angle. 


Try using a larger peep sight. This will help to increase the distance between your eye and the string, which can make it easier to find and maintain your anchor point.

Shorter Brace Height

Although not a huge concern, the short brace height of Mathews V3 27 may turn out a bit uncomfortable for some. 

The Mathews V3 27 has a relatively short brace height of 6 inches, which means it’s less tolerant of variations in your shooting form

Such a short brace height can be too aggressive compared to a longer ATA and higher brace height. But that’s easy to overcome if you get used to it after a while.

It does help to improve inconsistent form as the arrow has less distance to deflect before being released. 


Increase the brace height of your Mathews V3 27 by twisting the string of the bow. Two twists to the bowstring should increase the brace height of your V3 27 height by ¼ inches.

V3 27 Tuning Issue

With an improved Crosscentric Cam with SwitchWeight Technology, the V3 is improved and better than its predecessors. 

However, repeated shooting with the V3 27 seems to throw the bow out of tune due to its cam system. 

And this can be blamed on multiple aspects.

Dual-cam bows compared to single-cam bows require precise alignment for proper tuning. 

The dual cam of the V3 can get out of sync which can lead to a tuning issue with your V3 27. Likewise, changes in string tension or cam timing can rotate the peep sight, impacting the alignment of your shots. 

If you’ve tried playing around with the string twists, you might expect a bit of imbalance with the bow as well. 


Fix the cam alignment and string twists of your V3 27. You can try on a new modified bowstring and tune it according to your preferences.

Tune your Mathews V3 bottom of the shaft through the middle of Berger whole. It’ll work alright if you do it with little low or high tears. 

Make sure to maintain the thickness of a “credit card” sized space between string and string stop. Ensure that both limb bolts are properly snugged down and you don’t have any nock pinch going on. 


What is the max draw on the Mathews V3 27?

You can set the draw lengths from 25-29.6 inches with your Mathews V3 27. With the new SwitchWeight Technology, you can adjust the draw weights from 60,65,70, and 75 pounds. 

What is the speed of the Mathews V3 27 IBO?

According to Mathrws, the IBO speed of Mathews V3 27 is 342 FPS approximately at a 30” draw with a 350-grain arrow.

How long is the string on a Mathews v3 27?

With Mathews V3 27, you get a string of 58 ½”, a cable spanning 25 15/16”, and the yokes are 12.75” long.


That’s all the Mathews V3 27 problems we’ve come across while going to user responses. 

Without those few hiccups, the V3 27 is actually a really great bow for ground bowhunting. 

Let us know your thoughts on this.

See ya next time!

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