Elite vs Mathews: Which Is The Better Bow Brand?

Elite vs Mathews, two prominent brands stand out when looking for top-quality compound bows. 

Both brands offer a range of bows with their unique features and advantages. But what exactly makes them different? 

Which brand makes the best compound bow in Elite vs Mathews?

Elite Archery makes bows with superior grip, smooth draw cycle, and high adjustability. On the other hand, Mathews offers well-balanced bows with solid accuracy, backed by reliable support and warranty. While Elite boasts exceptional fit and finish, Mathews bows may exhibit paint chipping. Resale value often favors Elite due to its renowned quality. 

After scouring through many many reviews, I’ve tried to reflect the general consensus about the two compound bow brands. In today’s comparison guide, I’ll bring the two brands against each other and see who makes better compound bows!

Let’s jump straight in. 

Elite vs Mathews: Head-to-Head

GripBetter gripStandard grip
Draw CycleSmoother draw cycleSlightly heavier draw cycle
AdjustabilityHighly adjustableLess adjustable
BalanceImproved balanceWeight distribution issue
Fit and FinishAesthetic finishSimplistic finish
Support and WarrantyTransferrable warrantySolid support and warranty
Resale ValueHigher resale valueLower resale value
Hunting SuitabilitySuitable for targetSuitable for hunting

Elite vs Mathews: Comprehensive Comparison


Elite seems to surprise many with the grip of their bows as it’s actually really comfortable to hold and use. Compared to Mathews, the majority prefer the grip of Elite as it’s easier to hold your bow steady, improving your accuracy.

One thing Elite Archery boasts is their “Precision Grip” which comes with a narrower throat and wider base. It ensures repeatable hand placement.

Some models also let you enjoy the freedom to customize your grip, which is not the case for Mathews Archery. 

Now, don’t get me wrong! Mathews does make great bows with good grips, but it can feel a tad bit difficult to grip for longer sessions, especially if you’re hunting. 

An image of Elite Elite Era
Source: outdoorlife.com

Draw Cycle

Surprisingly, Elite Archery does a brilliant job balancing their bows to achieve a smoother draw cycle. 

In fact, according to most people who used both brands, many prefer Elite bows over Mathews for having a smoother draw cycle.

Comparing Elite Envision with Mathews Halon 2, users prefer the draw cycle of Elite due to how less stress it puts on your arms. However, the latest edition of Mathews, the V3X and V3 series have taken significant leaps in draw cycle smoothness.

The CAMs in Elite bows do a decent job transferring the weight of the string when pulled to full draw. 

For hunting, especially deers or elks, you typically need a minimum draw weight of 40 lbs, which is perfectly achievable for Elite Bows. 


You can adjust the slight bow weight and draw weight adjustments to your Mathews bow. But that’s highly restrictive at best. 

As for customization, you can get your Mathews bow customized from the manufacturer before placing the order for the bow. However, that’s pretty much all you’ll get to do as there’s not much room for customizability in the Mathews bows after you’re done purchasing. 

The most you can do is get some Mathews components as add-ons.

Elite on the other hand does offer a few customizability freedoms over Mathews.

Don’t like the grip, you can replace them with customizable grips of your choice! You can do the same with arrow rests!

One of the biggest selling points of Elite Archery is the adjustability of their bows. Elite loves to brag about their wide range of adjustabilities.

Most Elite bows offer so many customizable features, that they can accommodate almost any shooting style. 

In short, Elite bows are more adjustable than Mathews, with 1/4″ draw length, let off, string, or limb adjustments


Okay, so far, the comparison sounds pretty one-sided. To be honest, I’m really trying to keep it as neutral as possible. So if you think I have some grudge over Mathews, please don’t! I’m really only taking the account of real users on the topic.

Unfortunately, many users don’t seem to enjoy the top-heavy experience that comes with most Mathews bows. Some claim that the bows feel less balanced and impact their shooting comfort. 

So far, I’m yet to come across a user who complained about the balance of their Elite bow. They are often noted for better balance and contribute to steadier aiming.


This really boils down to the user’s accuracy.

Okay, hear me out!

The accuracy of a bow is dependent on several factors. Starting from the bow’s build to all the way to its draw weight and other extensions. 

Now, when you have all these things working for you in perfect sync, you’re likely to achieve better accuracy with your bow. This is exactly the case with Elite bows. 

Although Mathews bows are generally accurate, some of the inconsistencies that users experience may slightly impact its accuracy. It has a lot to do with stability and speed, especially with the issues found with Mathews V27 bow.

While Mathews Archery boasts bows that shoot high FPS shots, Elite achieves better accuracy by sacrificing speed a little. 

Fit and Finish

Elite are known for their impeccable attention to detail and finish. And it actually tells by the look of their bows. Everything from the aesthetics to the fit and look of the bow screams superior.

Compared to Elite, Mathew Bows takes a more simplistic approach to its looks. 

That’s more evident if you take a look at Elite Kure compared to Mathews VXR, you’ll understand why.

A look at Mathews bow.

While both bow brands are known for well-made bows, issues like paint chipping on risers or cams are evident for both. 

Support & Warranty

This is where many users have dissatisfaction with Elite Archery. While they make amazing bows, their support is not that great. 

It can take ages to get your order in your hand if you order customized bows from Elite Archery. Apart from that, it’s also hard to reach out to them if you’re facing any issues with your bows.

Mathews provides great customer support for their bows and does a great job at efficient delivery.

Elite Archery offers a transferrable warranty, which can be useful for some users. While 

Mathews on the other hand offers limited lifetime warranty coverage for bows that are registered within three months of purchase!


Both Elite and Mathews bows fall into the same ballpark price range. Although, you can expect to spend a few extra bucks after Mathews bows.

Final Verdict

Mathews brands itself as a hunting bow brand, and they are better for hunting as they are lighter to carry around. In contrast, Elite bows are really good for target shooting.

From the general consensus, users are more lenient towards the better experience provided by Elite Archery. The recent leap in their bow technology and adjustability allures a lot of new and beginner archers to use their bow. 

Mathews has a large loyal user base who feel comfortable using their bows. And they have been delivering high-quality bows for decades. Hunters find the brand more to their liking and stick with them.


Is Elite a good bow company?

Elite is very well known for their consistent efforts to improve their bows’ adjustability and comfort. Over the last decade, Elite has grown a huge reputation for building top-quality bows that provide the best overall shooting experience to the users. 

Are Mathews bows made in China?

No, Mathews bows are actually manufactured in the USA.

How Long Do Mathews Bows Last?

Mathews compound bows are known for their immense durability and strongly built components. Many Mathews compound bows are known to last at least 15-18 years if taken proper care. 

Is Mathews Better Than Hoyt?

Hoyt has been around for more than 6 decades before Mathews, and their compound bows are usually better than Mathews compound bows. Primarily because Hoyt bows provide a smoother shooting experience than Mathews bows. 

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