About Agile Archery

Agile Archery started out on August 1, 2023, with the aim of building a vast resource of guides and information surrounding archery.

This site is purely a product of my personal interest in Archery which will hopefully benefit a lot of beginners and enthusiasts in the archery community.

Hi, I’m Ahnaf Chowdhury and I’m the one and only ‘human’ working behind the entire Agile Archery project.

I’m also the owner of Mezzala FM, a Football Manager blog that I can’t stop talking about.

A Bit About Me

My fascination with archery was always a byproduct of my inclination toward stealth video games.

Shooting and hitting the target. That’s what I like.

And those Olympic archers and their expensive compound bows are really cool to look at!

Image of Ahnaf Chowdhury, the face behind Agile Archery & Mezzala FM.
This is me, Ahnaf Chowdhury. The face behind Agile Archery & Mezzala FM

And years of fascination and hours of my youth down the pipeline, I finally decided to start writing about it.

And so far, I’m loving my time with the site.

With almost 2-3 content published each week, I think “we”(!) are doing good progress for a solo project!

My Vision of Agile Archery

Agile Archery is working towards building an in-depth resource of Archery guide for newcomers.

I’m looking to slowly expand our horizon with time and cover major archery topics out there to help our readers know the game better. And with only one person behind the scenes, it’s a time-consuming process. But one coming from pure passion.

Currently, I’m focusing solely on building 2 categories and writing in-depth content on them. Archery Basics and Accessories. These are going to be the categories I’ll be working on for now.

Let’s hope this is the start of something beautiful!

Get In Touch

Have some crazy archery stories to share?

I would love to hear them out! Please feel free to contact me anytime at ahnaf105091@gmail.com

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